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Result Service - Couple Information
Xingmin Lu and Katerina Lu

All pictures
Name : Xingmin LuKaterina Lu
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :1 at Blackpool - Senior Over50 Ballroom
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Senior over 50 ST
Competition(s) recorded :53
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2006-03-17 :: National :: Tri-State Challenge 2006 - Adult Standard - Usa (place 4)
Last competition recorded
2018-05-26 :: IDSF :: Blackpool - Senior Over50 Ballroom - Senior over 50 ST - England (place 1)

All recorded competitions
2018-05-26IDSF - Blackpool - Senior Over50 Ballroom
Senior over 50 ST
England(place 1)
2017-05-27National - Blackpool 2017 - Senior Over 50 Ballroom
Senior over 50 ST
England(place 1)
2016-10-12National - The International 2016 - Over 50Ballroom
Senior over 50 ST
England(place 1)
2016-05-28National - Blackpool 2016 - Senior Over 50 Ballroom (Placings)
Senior over 50 ST
England(place 1)
2015-10-07National - The International Championships
Senior Standard
England(place 5)
2015-05-23National - Blackpool 2015 - Senior Ballroom
Senior Standard
England(place 5)
2014-05-23National - Blackpool 2014 - Senior Ballroom
Senior Standard
England(place 8)
2013-08-30WDC - Embassy Ball 2013
Senior Over 35 Standard
Usa(place 1)
2013-05-24National - Blackpool 2013 - Senior Ballroom
Senior Standard
England(place 8)
2012-10-10National - International Championships 2012
Senior Standard
England(place 4)
2012-05-25National - Blackpool 2012 - Senior Ballroom
Senior Standard
England(place 4)
2012-02-05IDSF - WDSF World Senior I Standard
Senior I Standard
Netherlands(place 15)
2011-10-12National - International Championships 2011
Senior Standard
England(place 4)
2011-05-27National - Blackpool 2011 - Senior Ballroom (actual placings)
Senior Standard
England(place 6)
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
Senior I Standard
Belgium(place 16)
2010-10-19National - The International Championships 2010
Senior Standard
England(place 5)
Senior I Standard
Usa(place 3)
2010-05-28National - Blackpool - Senior Modern
England(place 6)
2010-02-13IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
2009-10-14Professional - The International Championships 2009
Senior Standard
England(place 14)
2009-09-19IDSF - IDSF World Senior I Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 8)
2009-05-22National - Blackpool - Senior Modern
England(place 7)
2009-05-03National - Emerald Ball 2009
Senior Standard
Usa(place 1)
2009-04-03National - US National DanceSport Championships 200
Senior I Standard
Usa(place 1)
2009-02-14IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
2009-01-17National - Manhattan Amateur Classic 2009
Adult Standard
Usa(place 6)
2008-10-08National - The International 2008
Senior Standard
England(place 14)
2008-09-19IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
2008-07-04National - Manhattan Dancesport 2008
Senior Standard
Usa(place 1)
2008-05-23National - Blackpool Senior Ballroom
Senior Standard
England(place 30)
2008-04-18IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
2008-04-04National - USA Dance National Dancesport 2008
Senior I Standard
Usa(place 1)
2008-02-16IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
2008-02-09IDSF - IDSF World Senior Standard
Senior I Standard
Belgium(place 5)
2008-01-18National - Manhattan Amateur Classic 2008
Senior I Standard
Usa(place 1)
2007-10-10National - The International Championships 2007
Senior Standard
England(place 14)
2007-09-21IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 1)
2007-08-03National - USA Dance National Championships 2007
Senior I Standard
Usa(place 1)
2007-05-25National - Blackpool Senior Standard
England(place 10)
2007-03-16IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 2)
2007-03-03IDSF - IDSF World Senior Standard
Senior I Standard
Spain(place 15)
2007-02-17IDSF - IDSF Senior I Open Standard
Senior I Standard
Canada(place 2)
2007-01-27National - North Eastern Open
Adult Standard
Usa(place 2)
2007-01-13National - Manhattan Amateur Classic 2007
Adult Standard
Usa(place 6)
2006-10-07National - US Open 2006
Senior Standard
Usa(place 1)
2006-08-11National - USA -DS National Championships 2006
Senior I Standard
Usa(place 1)
2006-07-29National - NJ Dancesport Classic2006
Adult Standard
Usa(place 12)
2006-05-26National - Blackpool Senior Modern 2006
Senior Standard
England(place 11)
2006-05-20National - American Star Ball 2006
Adult Standard
Usa(place 4)
2006-05-03National - Emerald Ball 2006
Adult Standard
Usa(place 5)
2006-03-17National - Tri-State Challenge 2006
Adult Standard
Usa(place 4)

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  Male Name   Female Name
Fritz Blumer   Marianne Blumer
Marco Lustri   Emanuela Lustri
Rob Luitze   Cobi Luitze
Rob Luitze   Coby Luitze
Dmitri Golubkin   Olesia Golubkina
Fabio Lugas   Roberta Luciano
Pavel Golubev   Uliana Golubeva
Damir Haluzan   Tadeja Haluzan
Xingmin Lu   Akiko Tada
Aivars Gailums   Irina Lubarskaja
Richard Lunn   Maxine Lunn
Gabriel Kopec   Katerina Kalusova
Salvatore Milluzzo   Lina Milluzzo
Kari Luukkonen   Tarja Luukkonen
Eric Klucke   Manuela Klucke
Fabio Lucas   Roberta Luciano
Jan Lundström   Anita Lundström
Adrian Lucas   Jill Lucas
Günther Lutz   Monika Lutz
Alari Lukk   Airi Luik
Stanislav Esaulov   Ekaterina Poluektova
Gaetano Illuzzi   Antonella Illuzzi
Dmitry Golubkin   Olesya Golubkina
Waldemar Trill   Jekaterina Kalugina
Denis Bragin   Ekaterina Luneva
Vadim Anosov   Ekaterina Pavluchkova
Denis Bragin   Ekaterina Lunyova
Robert Luitze   Cobi Luitze
Tseng Yue Lung   Dorris Lung
David Lunak   Katerina Vondrasova
Noppadat Khunpluem   Karnravee Banlupong
David Karas   Katerina Holubova
Burak Terzioglu   Melis Zorluoglu
Sergey Kozaderov   Ekaterina Zhivolupova
Henk van Lubeek   Marga van Lubeek
Jakub Homola   Katerina Lupinkova
Milan Chalupa   Katerina Hrstkova
Konstantin Golub   Ekaterina Maltseva
Klaus Gluchowski   Kathrin Rosenkranz-gluchowski
Andrey Timofeev   Ekaterina Kaplun
Steffen Blunck   Birgit Blunck
Dmitriy Klubov   Natalya Klubova
Valentin Kovach   Ekaterina Lutsenko
Erich Klucke   Manuela Klucke
Franz Karolus   Claudia Karolus
Oystein Luhr Soethre   Jeanette Luhr Soethre
Philipp Luthi   Iris Lustenberger
Xingmin Lu   Katerina Muller
Jakub Olsar   Katerina Kalusova
Nico v/d Sluis   Cindy v/d Sluis
Ren‚ Luijkx   Denisa Luijkx
Marco Lustri   Manuela Lustri
Ren‚ Luikx   Denisa Luikx
Jan v/d Lustgraaf   Bianca v/d Lustgraaf
Frederik Lundberg   Karoline Lund
Kamil Luberecki   Dorota Pawluc
Pavel Ivanov   Ekaterina Poluektova
Fritz Blumer   Marianne Blumer
Evgeniy Nipomiluev   Ekaterina Kozyreva
Kamil Luberecki   Dorota Pawlue
Radim, Sluzy   Skopalikova, Lucie
Nevrla, Lubos   Krejci, Lucie
Nevria, Lubos   Krejci, Lucie
Vadims Virvluskis   Natalia Cirklua
Martin Luyckx   Mieke Luyckx
Dmitry Golubin   Olesia Golubkina
Dumitras, Lucian   Colesnic, Ludmila
Anton Voytsekhovskiy   Jekaterina Kalugina
Dmitry Golubkin   Olesia Golubkina
Kiril Sivolapov   Ekaterina Kilunovskaya
Evgeniy Nepomeluev   Ekaterina Kozyreva
Robert Blum   Petra Blum
Gilbert Yvalun   Fivra Yvalun
Frank Blut   Margret Blut
Henk Lubeek   Marga van Lubeek
Denis Tyutryumov   Ekaterina Kolupakhina
Yakov Khomenko   Ekaterina Kaplun
Jakob Stühler   Jekaterina Kalugina
Charles Mcclure   Pacita Mcclure
Eric Luke   Kristy Wirthlin Luke
Klaus Gluchowski   Dr. Kathrin Rosenkranz-Gluchowski
Andreas Lutzner   Doreen Scheinpflug
Stanislav Zhikharev   Ekaterina Zhevolup
Maksim Zakablukov   Katerina Scherbakova
Vyacheslav Golubtsov   Ekaterina Petrienko
Dmitriy Statnykh   Ekaterina Kalugina
Adriano De Luca   Gabriella De Luca
Frederik Lund   Cecilie Sejerbo Villumsen
Iakov Khomenko   Ekaterina Kaplun
Daniel Luke   Tina Luke
Stefan Kluver   Andrea Kluver
Detlef Luders   Marina Luders
Giacomo Lucchese   Elena Mantaluta
Dagmar Haluzan   Tadeja Haluzan
Rafael Rosello Lupianez   Marina Rosello Lupianez
Gursoy Delioglu   Cihan Cihanoglu
Siegfried Lutz   Rosemarie Lutz
Henk Lubeek   Marga Lubeek
Samuele di Lucente   Brunhild di Lucente
Mikael Lepänluoma   Jaana Lepänluoma
Mikhail Artemev   Ekaterina Kaplun
Sergey Golubev   Katerina Tsatsurina
Klaus Gluchowski   Kathrin Gluchowski
Wolfgang Luther   Beate Luther
Mikhail Artemiev   Ekaterina Kaplun
Otakar Holub   Katerina Bartoszukova
Pavel Sluka   Ekaterina Romashkina
Roman Luzgin   Iulia Lutsenko
Arthur Lue   Ekaterina Lesnaia
Julian Ludwig   Michelle Ludwig
Marko Reitalu   Simoona Peensalu
Antonin Slehofer   Katerina Chalupska
Olivier Pluvinage   Chantal Pluvinage
Ivan Baluev   Olga Balueva
Sergey Golubev   Ekaterina Mishina
Yaroslav Soluyanov   Ekaterina Masharskaya
Ilie Bardahan   Jekaterina Kalugina
Wijnand Lubbers   Maureen Lubbers
Tomas Balun   Kristína Balunova
Michal Korínek   Katerina Chalupska
Dmitriy Odireyko   Ekaterina Kaplun
Frits Van De Luijtgaarden   Joke Van De Luijtgaarden-Koppelaar
Nikita Golubnichiy   Ekaterina Sokolova
Robert Luitze   Jacoba Luitze-Wendrich
Aleksey Golubev   Ekateryna Golubeva
Tapio Luttinen   Tarja Luttinen
Francis Lune   Dany Lune
Robert Luitze   Jacoba Luitze-Wendrich
Andrey Polyakov   Ekaterina Kolupakhina
Vitaliy Matusyak   Ekaterina Kalugina
Rob Luitze   Cobi Luitze-Wendrich
Hinrich Blume   Frauke Blume
Andrey Kitsun   Jekaterina Kalugina
Nikita Golubnichiy   Ekaterina Kobzar
Klaus-Michael Gluchowski   Kathrin Rosenkranz-Gluchowski
Serhiy Sluk   Olha Sluk
Michal Korinek   Katerina Chalupska
Philipp Zholudev   Ekaterina Kostochkina
Xingmin LU   Katerina LU United
Igor Lunev   Ekaterina Prokhorova
Aleksey Glukhov   Ekaterina Lantsova
Alexey Glukhov   Anastasia Gluzunona
Reino Luoto   Tanja Luoto
Mikhail Artemev   Ekaterina Kaplun
Kirill Zakharov   Ekaterina Braluyk
Andrey Kitsun   Ekaterina Kalugina
Vitaly Matusiak   Ekaterina Kalugina
Gilbert Yvalun   Flore Ivalun
Wesley Tersluijsen   Marley Tersluijsen
Guenther Lutz   Monika Lutz
Dzianis Marasin   Ekaterina Kalungina
Jurgen Luders   Karin Luders
Dzianis Marasin   Ekaterina Kalugina
Samuel di Lucente   Brunhild di Lucente
Filipp Zholudev   Ekaterina Kostochkina
Alexandr Belugin   Ekaterina Karunina
Bert Versluis   Christel Versluis
Alexey Lukianenko   Ekaterina Kostiuk
Gokhan Zorluoglu   Idil Gokan Zorluoglu
Konstantin Lushin   Ekaterina Martyukhina
Aleksandr Postnyy   Ekaterina Golubeva
Sergey Nikolaev   Ekaterina Kablukova
Egor Goncharuk   Ekaterina Lukanina
Aleksandr Belugin   Ekaterina Karunina
Gokhan Zorluoglu   Idil Zorluoglu
Gokhan Zorluoglu   Idic Zorluoglu
Filipp Zholudev   Ekaterina Kotik
Sami Lund   Mirelle Lund
Philipp Zholudev   Ekaterina Kotik
Mattia Palumbo   Morena Macaluso
Juergen Lueders   Karin Lueders
Konstantin Lushin   Ekaterina Martiukhina
Martin Lutz   Sabine Lutz
Denis Lupookov   Inessa Lupookova
Zheng Lu   Jieyi Lu
Andrey Mangra   Ekaterina Kalugina
Lev Lukovich   Ekaterina Yanchuk
Samuele di Lucente   Brunhil di Lucente
Mangra Andrey   Ekaterina Kalugina
Kaan Kurukahvecioglu   Ada Usluel
Artem Luchin   Ekaterina Gorodetskaya
Artem Lukoshkin   Anna Lukoshkina
Alexey Burdakin   Ekaterina Golub
Kurtaja Flujars   Maria Soultana Flujars
Hans-Heinrich Luehmann   Marie-Luise Luehmann
Olivier Pluvinage   Chantal Pieplus
Dmitry Barov   Ekaterina Kalugina
Alexey Lukianchuk   Ekaterina Oleynik
F Luijtgaarden   J Luijtgaarden
Roland Holub   Eleonora Holub
Alexandru Lucian Holecz   Lavinia Alexandra Luchian
Jose Luis Lopez Ortiz   Sonia Gimenez Lucas
Mikael Lepanluoma   Jaana Lepanluoma
Stanislav Klimkov   Ekaterina Kablukova
Bert Versluis   Christel Versluis-Cramer
Norbert Ludwig   Elke Riesen-Ludwig
Valentin Lusin   Renata Lusin
Matthias Luderer   Elvira Luderer
Urmas Saetalu   Triinu Saetalu
Dirk Luneburg   Melanie Luneburg
Ales Kozeny   Katerina Chalupska
Ahmet Tuna Dumanoglu   Eda Yilmazoglu
Oliver Pluvinage   Chantal Pluvinage
Theo Pluvinage   Marine Pluvinage
Danil Tupikov   Ekaterina Golub
Urmas Lillepalu   Pille Lillepalu
Mario Piluso   Felicia De Luca
Dirk Lueneburg   Melanie Lueneburg
Jean-Michel Lutz   Sabine Lutz
Bota Lucas-Alexandru   Cretu Raluca-Maria
Dorian Luje   Damiena Luje
Utku Ovunc Unlu   Ada Usluel
Ivan Tlustenko   Ekaterina Bogatyreva
Samuele Ciarcelluti   Sara Ciarcelluti
Evgeny Pushkarev   Ekaterina Glushakova
Tolgay Tarimoglu   Dilsan Fidanoglu
Artsiom Lukoshkin   Hanna Lukoshkina
Egor Balabaev   Ekaterina Luzina
Nikita Glushenko   Ekaterina Afanasieva
Nelson Luk   Vera Luk
Stefan Kluever   Andrea Kluever
Sirapob Lonluer   Manchusa Kaewpluk
Ilya Kaluzhsky   Ekaterina Svintsova
Eric Lundin   Ellen Lundin
German Shestopalov   Ekaterina Glushko
Francesco Colucciello   Camilla Colucciello
Eric Lundin   Ellen Lundin-Hoogeman
Vladislav Lupandin   Ekaterina Shchurova
Michel Luiten   Anja Luiten-Sloot
Wolfgang Kluge   Barbara Kluge
Lam Hak Lun   Qin Lu
Lucian Angheluta   Melissa Lungu
Yury Zhuk   Ekaterina Luzina
Lucian Angheluta   Melisa Lungu
Denis Zuev   Ekaterina Glushkova
Jürgen Lueders   Karin Lueders
Pavel Borovikov   Ekaterina Glushko

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